“With great power comes great responsibility”.

Dear visitors,

I am honored to be a CEO in this long history of success of a company that is one of a kind in the Egyptian government oil industry sector, with an open minded management that can meet and compete with all challenges in our field of expertise..

PMS has been grown with the Egyptian offshore oil & gas industry, and became the one and only Egyptian company with world class experiences, as can be seen from the prestigious projects we have completed and clients we have worked with.

We have successfully established ourselves in the varied activities covering offshore oil & gas Engineering and industrial business.

Our national treasure is our highly trained labors, and self- dedicated employees, their only concern is their job, their only commitment is to PMS, and success is the only language they can speak.

One of our important management tool, is our long term strategic planning, which enables us to identify and evaluate new possibilities and creates an alternative solutions to all challenges that we possibly face, giving us the ability to overcome them all ."

Our management recognized the need to do more and to run a comprehensive programs of self-help initiatives, to reduce structural costs, enhance operational and asset management capabilities and improve client focus, this work plan will continue into 2015 and beyond."

El-Sayed El-Badawi Mohammed
Petroleum Marine Services co. PMS