PMS continue to motivate and train employees to achieve the highest occupational health and safety rates (ISO 45001-2018)

Attention to occupational health and safety is one of the most important criteria of success for any organization or company. Occupational health and safety aims to protect workers from work-related hazards or any emergency conditions that may occur in the workplace. The occupational health and safety scheme is being prepared and implementation by addressing the personal and technical factors that can lead to these risks, which will help to improve the working environment.
In the framework of the constant keenness of Mr. Eng. El-Badawi Mohamed Chairman and CEO to apply this important element, the Health, Safety and Environment Department seeks to achieve the safety objectives through the continuous development of this system and the effective implementation of safe working procedures for: all marine units and land sites. Also, through the protection of all employees of the company as well as our customers, contractors and visitors at different work sites from any damages that they may be exposed to while doing business.
We also strive to achieve “zero accidents” – “zero injuries” by providing the necessary requirements (modern safety equipment – measuring instruments – appropriate personal protective tasks) to ensure a safe work environment that achieves risk prevention and prevent workers’ exposure to accidents and occupational diseases.
In addition, the effective implementation of the programs of continuous review and periodic audit on all workplaces, rectify all unsafe conditions and negative behaviors and increase the positive participation of employees and the middle and senior management of the company in the proactive safety activities of emergency exercises and maneuvers and periodic traffic. Moreover, record the risk notes in order to spread the culture of “safety is everyone’s responsibility”. Last but not least, Compliance with local and international legal requirements and application of international and local codes in the completion of works.
In order to motivate company employees and to ensure the achievement of safety standards in all work sites and marine units PMS offers a monthly certificate of appreciation to the best “safety man”, who have achieved the best standards.

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