New winches join PMS assets

Within the framework of the company’s plan to maximize its assets, develop the performance of the marine units and equipment to cope with the requirements of future projects, relay on the company’s assets to rationalize rental expenses and complete all the work in the specified timeframe, PMS purchased 2 offshore Crawler Crane winches for installation on both Barge 17 and Barge 12.
The first winch, 200 tons, was shipped during the first quarter of 2019 after completion of manufacturing, inspection and certification and was installed on the barge 17.
In the second quarter of 2019, the second winch arrived and was installed on Barge 12. It was utilized in the implementation of the Baltim project.
Barge 17 and Barge 12 winches are of the same type and specifications and are as follows:

• The marine winch is set on a maximum tonnage of 200 tons and is equipped with a personal transportation system.
• It is equipped with a camera system to help the driver see the movement of wires as well as the machine through a screen in the driver’s cabin.
• The winch is equipped with a diesel hydraulic unit used in case of emergency when the main machine breaks down and stops in order to get the package or the personnel safely.
• The company is still seeking to develop and update its equipment in order to keep pace with the development in the market and maintain the name of PMS high among local and international companies.

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