Offshore Fabrication

PMS owns (3) sheltered workshops at Maadia (30 km east of Alexandria).

The workshops have the facilities, equipment and tools to fabricate structures such as boat-landing, risers, clamps, spools, barge bumpers, installation aids and sand plasting & painting.

The (3) sheltered workshops cover a total area of almost 2560 m2 (each one 853 m2), along with 1000 m2 unsheltered area.

Maadia workshops are equipped with all required equipment such as:

– Welding M/C;
– Turning M/C;
– Drilling M/C (hole DIM 10 mm up to 50 mm);
– Shearing M/C for steel plate cutting;
– Steel band saw M/C for pipe cutting;
– Plasma cutting M/C for cutting plate;
– Telescopic-crawler crane;
– 15 ton Forklift- Sand blasting & painting equipment;
– N.D.T equipment;
– Pipe cold cut and beveling M/C.

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